Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where have I been?

I know I know, I said I wanted to kick start my blog up again and then nothing, nada, absolutely zilch. Well, I have a really good reason, I've been working my business with Close to my heart like craaaaazy.

This year has had such a wonderful start for me, despite some major hardships we've been facing as a family. I've committed to losing the weight I gained with having 4 babies within a 4yr 10mth period. Slowly but steady, shifted 6 lbs or so and that's without depriving myself of some sweet goodies every now and again.

My second goal this year was to really get my business with Close to my heart back and running. Last quarter I put a lot of thought and preparation into starting off with a bang in 2012. Well, it seems like most of us are struggling financially these days. I know that that was a huge motivation for me, to kick my butt  and come to the realization that I can be one of those gals that can brings in a realistic income to help with the bills, despite the fact that I'm a stay at home mommy of 4 little boys.

Close to My heart has a great incentive trip each year. This year it's a south Caribbean cruise for two, all expenses paid. I can hardly believe it, in fact I'm pinching myself that for the first time ever, I'm hoping to be on track for earning this trip.

Where do you come into it? Well first off, I want you to see what an awesome new consultant kit we have. Woo hoo, for just $99 you get over $300 worth off goodies. Plus three add on kits for $40 each. Here are the pics of everything to get ya tempted.

We have a great program for consultants that first sign up called straight to the top. Here are the details:

Straight To The Top Sales
Time Period Sales Required Reward
First Month                $300 $25 in select product credit
First Three Months                $1,200 $75 in select product credit
Three Month Totals                $1,200 $100 in select product credit

For anyone who joins my team and hits both levels of straight to the top ($300 for the first month and then $1200 total by the end of 3 months),I have some great personal specials for you. (just contact me to know what the specials are).

I would love love to have you on my team and help you achieve your goals. You can sign up to just be a hobbyist, just like I originally did. Or you too can bring in an extra income for your family. Who can complain at getting paid to do what you love? Yes, you can sign up just so you can get the discount. Minimum sales are easy, just $300 for every quarter or $100 every quarter if you just want to be a junior consultant. (please note that as a junior you get 10% discount and as an active consultant at $300 per quarter sales, you'll get 22% discount, plus the opportunity to earn a further 13% when you hit higher sales).

For more info, just contact me at

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