Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life in general

So I always have the best of intentions to keep my blog updated. However, as you can see I haven't be too successful. I think that it's sometimes from the lack of completed artwork I have and therefore feel I have nothing to share.

Sooooo, that will be changing. I'm trying to be better at finishing projects and posting even when I don't have something artsy to share. I love to bake and cook, so I hope to share some yummy recipes and just general things about being the stay at home momma I am.

Two things I'm really looking forward to, 1) in just a few weeks we'll find out the gender of baby #4. A girl would be fab, but would certainly take another boy to add to my 3 little rascals (isn't that pic adorable?).

2) Close to My Heart convention in July held at the Disneyland hotel. Can you think of anywhere better? not me. Two of my great loves, crafts and Disney.

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